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AITA for treating my girlfriend like shit when we first started living together, I did it because I’d never lived with someone before and I couldn’t handle the stress, (no excuse but it is what it is) I dumped her all the time and told her I didn’t care about her in anger.

During a rough patch of about 1-2 month, she was talking to an old mate from school behind my back without my knowledge. He tried to kill himself and she went to meet him without telling me, this was while we were together.

A few week later when I ended it with her she went to meet him again and slept with him.

We ended up sorting stuff out after and getting back together but she didn’t tell me she had slept with him during a break. She also kept talking to him as a mate when we got back together.

In her defence he asked her to meet her again after we got back together and she said no.

I found out via someone else that they had slept together during a break and when I found out and showed her how upset I was she said she would stop speaking to him and focus on us.

We are going good now and we work really well together again but my trust is damaged because I don’t like that she kept speaking to him as a friend when we got back together. The relationship was still unstable when we first got back together though. So AITA

Edit: okay my question has been answered I’m an arsehole and fucking delusion by the looks of it. I think I’m lucky I have her at all.

Edit: sat with my girlfriend right now

She’s reading through the comments and I feel guilty as fuck. But luckily we are in a good enough place right now where we can kinda laugh about it, as weird as that sounds to some people.

I don’t mind been called an asshole and tbh I agree with all of you. She says in my defence the reason she’s still here is because she’s seen the changes that I needed to make and currently she feels happier than ever.

I only made this post because I don’t really talk to anyone about it so I thought it would be good to talk to someone. Obviously I knew I wasn’t a good boyfriend. But it’s nice to talk to someone outside of the relationship, even if that someone is 100s of people calling you an asshole.


First and foremost I would like to say, I'm an artist, I've drawn some whacked out stuff for other people via commissions, including hyper art, which is art of a character with a huge body part, be it the genitals, the stomach, legs or arms, it could be anything really. I've also drawn a lot of fantasy art of characters that should be impossible IRL but that's just it, they are purely fantasy and I just drew them as the commissioner wanted. That being said I know how to draw anatomically correct, but often times I don't have to due to the wishes of the person paying for the art.

Edit; I made a NEW only yes or no strawpoll for you guys to vote on;

Edit; I messed up the last pole making it biased as heck, I have changed it please check the new one comments are allowed now, OP messed up but has fixed the mess up, also /u/blasto_blastocyst please check this?

I feel that a lot of "art" here is just stuff snagged from other porn subreddits and tumblr and the posters don't realize its just extreme fetish art. Number one example would be the watermelon images posted here. Its not BWA because the artist knows that's impossible but they drew it for a specific crowd and fetish fanbase, stuff like that has no place in an area that is supposed to teach people about women properly. This whole sub is turning into a porn shaming sub, yes all drawn porn will look bad if you scrutinize it, its not new to notice anatomical inaccuracies in hentai/drawn porn.

So, do you still want to see these extreme fetishes here?

Examples of EXTREME FETISH ART that has been posted;






These all involve "HYPER", "MISPLACED GENITALS" (yes having tiddie pussies is a real fetish liek nipple fucking is a fetish), "HYPER AND MUSCLES", "TENTACLE", and last but the funniest too me "ANAL/VAGINAL/NIPPLE FOOD VORE" (welcome to the world of art and weird fetishes) all of these are fantasy based fetishes that have no place here for obvious reasons.


The Joker has a rooftop setup for Batman to play the song. The song MUST be on expert difficulty.

Batman will be watched by the whole world on a camera broadcasting to all news stations. If he manages to complete the song on 100%, The Joker will de-activate the bomb. He has it set to deactivate once the 100% mark is reached, so he’s not lying.

Can Batman beat Through The Fire and Flames on expert with only a week of prep time?


Can Batman ALSO beat Panic Attack by Dream Theater on Rockband, expert difficulty, and on the drums, if it meant the Joker would turn himself in?


It’s getting chilly out there and I saw a woman walking today with a t-shirt and no bra today. You could see the outline of her nipples through the shirt. I started to wonder: what goes through a men’s heads when they see this? Is it hot, bothersome or something else entirely? As a woman, I don’t think anything other than “yes it is indeed getting chilly.”

Mid-point update: So far many of you think they’re “nice, niiice, noice”. You and your fascinating insights- keep em coming lovely people!


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