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So this fuck up started over 4 years ago.

When I got out of the navy I landed a new good paying job. With this job they had direct deposit, so I got a new bank from the one I had in the military.

I set up the direct deposit to my main bank and I was thinking to myself "hey I'm going to get paid good I'll set up a direct deposit of $200 a month to my old bank and forget about it." I forgot about it.

Fast forward 4 and half years. Me and my wife are trying to get our house repaired and up to standards to sell. We got some bids to do the flooring and paint the house. The bids ce back between $8000 and $12000. We didnt know what we were going to do.

So I decided I can try to tackle the flooring by myself. While I was beating on the tile to get it up it occured to me "hey I put money in my old account we can use that.

I log in online and the account only had $5. That's not right let me refresh. $5. O no. Ok ok dont freak out. I'll call the bank and see what's up.

"No sir we dont have any transactions from you for about 5 years."

So I'm freaking out. I log onto the company site and see I have the routing number check. Account number wrong. FUCK. so i gave a complete stranger $100 twice a month for 4 and a half years.

So if you are out there i hope you used it wisely.

TLDR: messed up my account number and gave someone else about $10000 over the course of 4 and half years.

Edit: it's a new day. I'm getting to the bottom of this when I get off work. I'm going to call the bank and see what recourse I have.

Edit 2: I made this comment below. Easy there killer. Here is how I view it. Some random guy out there has had money deposited into their account. They could have reported it and the money kept coming. They could have never noticed and spent it. They could have never touched it.

I try to see it from their perspective. If I woke up and my bank account is magically -$10,000 I would be freaking out and having a heart attack. For all he knows he may not have done anything wrong.

I am going to try and go at this the best way possible as to get my money back and I dont want someone else to go to jail over something I did. I have no idea what that other persons situation is.


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